Gary Hooper continues great form

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IT was as easy as 123 for Crown A’s Gary Hooper as the in-form dartsman checked on that total as the Hacket’s Bodyshop Premier Division leaders beat Old Band Club 14-10.

S. Warren fired 180 while S. Holgate went out on 127 for the losing side. P. Rebanks also threw a maximum while T. Clarke checked in 14 darts and M. Healey went out on 113 for David Street as they beat Trawden Arms 16-8; Jon Crabtree landed three-in-a-bed for the Trawdeners. Meanwhile, C. Beven hit a 180 and also checked on 145 for Star B as they lost 13-11 to Crown B.

In the Bailey’s Garage First Division the Venue beat Colne Dressers A 17-7 to go two points clear at the top. Colne Snooker player D. Eastwood hit three 140s with C. Morgan and A. Hodson both landing two 140s in their 14-10 victory over Poultry A. S. McAllister went out on 140 for George and Dragon as they lost 15-9 to Star A for whom N. Davies finished on 114.

Second Division leaders Red Lion drew in their clash against Strategy B; W. Hayhurst threw 140 for the latter while S. Mayer 120 for the Lion. Elsewhere Tackler’s player J. Carroll threw two 180s and checked on 112 in their 13-11 win over Legion B for whom P. Rycroft fired three 140s.

Third Division leaders Golden Ball Regs beat Poultry B 20-4; C. Shaw landed 140 twice and checked on 118 for the losing side while B. Hayhurst and R. Hayhurst shot 140 for the victors. Second place Colne Dressers B went down 14-10 to Shooters for whom M. Southern hit 140 twice and 125. P. Pilkington and S. Firmstone fired 140, D. Nuttall threw 140 and 118, A. Hall 140 and N. Cowgill 125 for the losers.

D. Greenwood hit 180, 140 and went out on 109 with P. Baistow firing 140 twice for Nelson CC in their 16-8 win over Derby Arms. D. Haige hit 140 for the losers. And T. Havens hit 125 twice for Rugby Club A as they lost 13-11 to Morris Dancers.