Glenn returns with a vengeance to claim Golden Cue crown!

Glenn Stevenson receiving his trophy from Fosters Rep Trevor Sutcliffe
Glenn Stevenson receiving his trophy from Fosters Rep Trevor Sutcliffe
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After a 20-year break from the game, Glenn Stevenson claimed the Fosters Golden Cue crown on Sunday.

Stevenson took on Wayne Cotterill in the final at at Ighten Leigh Social Club, in front of well over 100 snooker enthusiasts ranging from young to old, including local legends such as Duncan McNally and Eric Catlow.

The match itself, between small table winner Cotterill and large table champion Stevenson, got underway on the small table after Cotterill won the toss.

He took in turn charge and Stevenson soon needed a snooker to get back in the frame. Amazingly he succeeded and rattled in a superb clearance to pinch the first frame.

Frame two was on the big table, and after a cagey start, Stevenson soon got in and rattled off a 48 break which left Cotterill too much to do.

Back on the small table for frame three, Cotterill was feeling the strain of the clinical Stevenson, his former coach and mentor, and after missing a straight forward red to the corner bag, Stevenson was in.

Showing no mercy, after despatching the pin,k Cotterill literally threw the towel in, and Stevenson claimed the title.

He also received £50 for his break of 48 in the final, which was sponsored by Ighten Leigh,

A raffle was held on the day for Lancashire Air Ambulance and over £100 was raised.

Fosters have announced a hike in sponsorship for popular competition for 2015, with entries available from December.