Medals galore for local martial arts clubs

Bushido Ju-Jitsu Barnoldswick and sister club Bushido Ju-Jitsu Colne recently attended the annual Bushido Academy Course and Competitions in Poole.

The course and competition is divided into two sections, the first allocated to traditional Ju-Jitsu training with the co-founder of the Bushido Academy, Sensei Paul Geoghegan, 9th Dan.

Instruction in various techniques was also given by other senior instructors from within the academy, including from Barnoldswick and Colne.

The second section is given over to Sport Ju-Jitsu. Bushido Barnoldswick and Colne had success in the various categories of competition and the following won medals: Junior Open Hand Kata – Silver – Tom Goodall; Junior Random Attacks – Gold – James Windle and Tom Goodall; Junior Continuous Fighting Under 9yrs – Silver – Michael Windle; Junior Continuous Fighting Under 12yrs – Gold – James Windle; Junior Continuous Fighting Under 12yrs – Silver – Tom Goodall; Junior Continuous Fighting Under 12yrs – Bronze – Rebekka Pickles; Junior Continuous Fighting Under 18yrs Female – Gold – Natasha Evans; Adult Open Hand Kata – Silver – Ryan Harper; Adult Weapon Kata – Gold – Robert Rebanks; Adult Weapon Kata – Bronze – Ryan Harper; Adult Random Attacks – Gold – Ryan Harper and Mark Faulkner; Adult Random Attacks – Bronze Medal – Natasha Evans and Rebekka Pickles; The Charles Almark Trophy – Ryan Harper.