Miners remain top of Third Division

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IN the Nelson and District Semi-Snooker League, Burnley Miners remain top of the Third Division, despite a 3-2 loss at Carters D. Nick Burton had a run of 25 for Carters.

Old Band C are back in form and went through the card away to Lamb C.

Shorthomers D stay in third place with a 3-2 home win over David Street B, and Dressers B move into fourth place after a 3-2 away win over Nelson Poultry.

Molly Rigby’s A pulled off a 3-2 away win over Dressers C, and Lamb D swap places with their C side at the bottom after a 4-1 away win over Foulridge, where Kelvin Cockshott had a run of 23 for the visitors.

THE draw for the preliminary round of the Moorhouse’s Golden Cue has been made,

Ties are to be played by 9 p.m. on Thursday, December 29th.

The draw is: F. Ajaib (Padiham), Large, SCR v A. Marshall (Nelson Old Band Club), Small, +5; C. Ashton (Burnley SC), Large, +5 v J. Kershaw (Lamb Club), Small, +15; D. Drinkwater (Alex), Small, +15 v J. Clark (Padiham SC), Large, +5; E. Catlow (Paradise), Small, +5 v A. Goody (Padiham WMC), Small, +15; S. Luke (Dickie Pinks), Small, +10 v C. Durkin (Ighten Leigh), Large, +15; J. Titherington (Dressers), Small, +15 v J. Hennesey (Ighten Leigh), Large, +15; S. Martin (Colne Legion), Large, +15 v D. Emery (Colne SC), Large, +10; S. Dillon (Colne Legion), Large, +30 v M. Wilkinson (Ighten Leigh), Large, +20; A. Bates (Lamb Club), Small, +15 v N. Danson (Ighten Leigh), Large, +25; H. Murtaugh (Lowerhouse), Large, +30 v S. Shepherd (Lamb Club), Small, +15; S. Greenall (Padiham SC), Large, SCR v B. Collinge (Briercliffe WMC), Small, +10; D. Forster (Paradise), Small, +20 v B. Allen (Burnley SC), Large, +5; J. Wilcox (Padiham SC), Large, +15 v E. Hall (Colne Legion), Large, +20; S. Blackwell (Padiham SC), Large, +5 v B. Hindle (Burnley SC), Large, +20; H. Ingham (Miners), Small, +5 v G. Bradley (Ighten Leigh), Large, +30; K. Smith (Ighten Leigh), Small, +20 v K. Ormerod Snr (Alexandra), Small, +20; J. Southern (Green Street), Small, +5 v J. Shiels (Lamb Club), Small, +15; R. Nelson (Loveclough WMC), Small, +10 v B. Ellis (Paradise), Small, +15; K. Hodkinson (Old Band Club B), Small, +25 v P. Doyle (Colne SC), Large, +5.