Pendle Forest......2 Preston......3

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Pendle Forest 2, Preston 3

Pendle Forest saw a 2-1 lead evaporate as they went down at home to Preston on Saturday.

Forest got off to a slow start, and Preston capitalised on this by scoring from a penalty corner 10 minutes into the half.

After a further 10 minutes the locals equalised through Karen Nuttall, who, in a great position, touched in a perfectly-timed cross from Cathy Waters.

Soon after, Millie Stansfield forced a penalty corner, and a top-of-the-circle strike from Dani Atherton put Forest in the lead at half-time.

After the break, Preston were awarded two penalty corners in a row, much to the dismay of the Forest defence, and equalised with a strike inside the bottom left corner.

Preston’s third goal came via a deflection off the keeper, and although Forest continued to pile on the pressure, it had come too late in the day and the scoreline remained at 3-2.