Pendle Forest take three points

Pendle Forest won a tight game over Preston
Pendle Forest won a tight game over Preston
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With the Lancashire league not yet having started, Pendle Forest 1st team took a squad of players over to visit Preston on their first fixture of the season.

Making the most of numbers Forest worked hard and pressed on the Preston defence with the keeper having to make some important saves to keep them in the game.

Charlotte O’Brien made some great crosses from her right wing position and was unlucky not to score as was man of the match Olivia Bythell, who ran tirelessly.

Defensively Forest were consisitently solid despite regular changes by coach Scott Hornby trialling different systems and not long into the second half, Forest manged to clinch a goal, when after several attempts, Cathy Waters made a forceful strike hitting the top right hand corner of the net.

One or two breakaway moments from the young Preston side put the Forest defence to the test but Forest held on to secure the win and take the three points.