Photos: Nelson boxer ‘picking up momentum’

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Nelson boxer Atif Mushtaq is pleased with his latest performance in the ring and believes his professional boxing career is gathering momentum.

The Nelson man’s latest outing came on the undercard of Shayne Singleton’s WBC International Silver title fight, where he secured a points victory over Dan Carr at Colne Muni.

Mushtaq said: “He was grabbing me a lot and smothering me a lot,” said Mushtaq. “I hurt him in the second round when I caught him with a left hook and his legs went. He buckled but as I went in to finish him he just grabbed me.

“He wouldn’t let go for the remaining rounds and he kept tieing my left arm up. He was a rough, dirty fighter, a tough lad, and he’s had 60 fights so he’s an experienced pro. He was getting his head in, grabbing my arms, not letting me work away at his body or get my counter shots in.”

He added: “Overall I was most pleased with my explosiveness to push off against Carr and my fitness was the best it’s been.

“I’d been working on my jab with Stuart in the gym and I was hurting him with it. We’d been looking at jabs with long left hooks after it. It was all working off the left hand, opening up body parts to land different body shots.

“I feel like I’m picking up a lot of momentum now. I’ve seen a massive difference from my first fight to the last one. Three wins on the bounce is a really good confidence boost for me as well.”