Photos: Singleton lands WBC title

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Boxer Shayne Singleton has landed the WBC International Silver welterweight strap.

The Pain’s latest outing was as comprehensive as it gets. Under coach Karl Ince’s meticulous scrutiny from the corner, Singleton was composed, measured and methodical, easing through the 10 rounds behind his trusted jab.

Commanding the ring on the front foot, he almost stalked Fazekas in predatory fashion and left him confined to the restrictions of the ring’s perimeter.

While the decibels from Singleton’s loyal and animated ‘Barmy Army’ reverburated around the venue, the evening’s protagonist continued to dictate the tempo of the contest with fast fists, ingenious footwork and fluent upper body movement.

Even when Fazekas attempted to break from the perils of imprisonment - which led to a clash of heads on a number of occasions - the away fighter left himself exposed and Singleton comfortably picked him off.

At the end judges Michael Alexander and John Latham scored the contest 100-90, while judge Phil Edwards scored it 100-91.