Physiotherapy service now on offer at Golf Rossendale

Andy Williams
Andy Williams
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INJURED golfers will now be able to access a golf specific physiotherapy service at Golf Rossendale Driving Range & Academy.

Andy Williams is a chartered physiotherapist with more than 13 years experience treating elite sports people with a whole range of musculo skeletal conditions.

As a keen golfer himself, he qualified as a golf specific physio four years ago to be able to treat and prevent golf swing-related injuries, and help golfers to improve their game through better swing control.

Andy explained: “My service is ideal for golfers of all ages and abilities, from the golfer who suffers a recurrent golf injury keeping him off the course or limiting playing time, to the young golfer especially in terms of injury prevention and game development, or the elite golfer with a heavy playing schedule, and even the senior golfer who may have degenerative joint problems to allow them to keep playing.”

Andy uses swing analysis to assess the cause of the injury and then treats the injury using a combination of manual therapy to joints and soft tissues, osteopathic manipulation techniques, electrotherapy and acupuncture.

He also provides specific exercise programmes to promote core stability and dynamic control in the golf swing.

He will be running free screening assessments at Golf Rossendale from 5pm-8pm on Monday 9 July.

Please don’t hesitate to email Andy at for any queries regarding treatment.

Call 01706 213966 to book your assessment.