Records tumble as Colne Muni hosts North West Bench Press Championships

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On Sunday, over 30 powerlifters from around the North West gathered at Colne’s Intershape gym to get a load off their chests.

The annual NW Bench Press Championships was combined with a deadlift event, which proved popular with new lifters and the more seasoned competitors, and a number of new British records were set.

The contest served as a qualifying event for the GBPF British Bench Press championships, which are being held at The Muni in Colne on July 16th.

Nelson’s Bryn Evans, who organises the contests, said: “It is a great recognition of the quality of events we run here at Intershape to be awarded a national championship.

“There were a number of bids submitted by other divisions around the country, and in the end it went to the North West, who settled on the Colne Muni as the venue.

“It’s a real coup for our small club to pull this off.

“We are expecting 60-70 of the country’s best lifters to be competing here in the summer, and we hope to give the people of Pendle the chance to see a thrilling sport that seldom gets television coverage.”

The club meets every Sunday at 1 p.m. at Intershape gym on Albert Road, and is open to people of all abilities.