Riders shrug off bad weather at latest trial in Yarnbury

Barnoldswick rider Anthony Ayrton
Barnoldswick rider Anthony Ayrton
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Local riders were prominent at the Bradford and DMC Yorkshire Centre Championship Timperley Cup trial in Yarnbury recently.

Fifty competitors chasing championship points shrugged off the weather to ride the third round in the series.

Brierfield events secretary Ron Eddings and the Bradford team opted for a one class, two-lapper. Only four youths braved the day, led by Sam Johnson. Glenburn builder Nathan Wrigglesworth won the day by hanging in until section nine, while Trawden elevator engineer Ross Crosby had a boot down in the stream at the first section, so it was a dead heat to farthest without penalty in favour of Wrigglesworth.

Veterans of many a tough trial, Graham Tales (Ilkley) and Nigel Crowther (Emley Moor) headed the Inters, with only Crossroad’s Phil Disney preventing an inter class whitewash. The plan was down the left fork to sections one and two, then pick up three and four.

Ross Crosby, Graham Tales, Sam Beecroft-Penny, centre champion Sam Yeadon (Boston Spa) and former champion Phil Disney all lost marks.

The fast-flowing water surged down the double subs at five and six. The latter crossed the camber and up the waterfall, but amazingly only a few riders failed.

Barnoldswick’s Anthony Ayrton was one such unfortunate, and it had to be his father Brian doing the observing! Anthony located a large hole that promptly took his Gas Gas front wheel, hurling him over the bars.

Wrigglesworth was watching and had to rescue the rider as he had a leg trapped.

The three section out on the moor climbed the narrow gully and rocks, but the sun broke as the field started their second lap.

Experts winner was Wrigglesworth (Sherco) from Crosby (Beta), Inters winner was Graham Tales (Sherco) ahead of Nigel Crowther (Gas Gas), Novices winner was Boyd Webster (Montesa), and Sam Johnson (Beta) was Youths winner.