Sam is “Top Dog” at Kelbrook’s Fell Race

Some of the runners are pictured, photo courtesy of
Some of the runners are pictured, photo courtesy of
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Wharfedale runners occupied seven of the top 10 places in Saturday’s Kelbrook Fell Race.

The race was won by “Top Dog” Sam Watson, but only just.

He finished just two seconds in front of Sean Carey of Todmorden.

Nicholas Charlesworth of Wharfedale was third, and first V40, with Clayton’s Andrew Stubbs fourth, and Dave Kirkham of Wharfedale fifth.

The ladies’ race was won by Tara Krzywici of Accrngton, who edged out Nichola Jackson of Preston Harriers.

Third was Jayne Butterworth of Skipton, who was also the first V45, with Dianne Haggar of Ilkley Harriers fourth, and Lorraine Slater of Clayton fifth.


Men’s race: 1, Sam Watson (Wharfedale); 2, Sean Carey (Todmorden); 3, Nicholas Charlesworth (v40, Wharfedale); 4, Andrew Stubbs (v40, Clayton); 5, Dave Kirkham (Wharfedale); 6, Christian Holmes (Wharfedale); 7, Shawn Chew (Wharfedale); 8, Nick Treitl (Wharfedale); 9, Paul Crabtree (v40, Wharfedale); 10, Ian Greenwood (v50, Clayton); 11, Rob Wair (unattached); 12, Gary Wilkinson (v45, Clayton); 13, Sean Clare (v45, Clayton); 14, Graham Morris (v45, Clayton); 15, Declan Bulmer (U20, Wharfedale); 16, Darren Holland (Clayton); 17, Sam Haggar (Wharfedale); 18, Glen Goodwin (v45, Accrington); 19, Paul Carmen (Wharfedale); 20, Colin Moses (v45, Wharfedale).

21, Tony Chew (v50, Clayton); 22, Paul Crabtree (Wharfedale); 23, Chris Campbell (v40, Trawden); 24, Dave Motley (Clayton); 25, Denis Lund (Wharfedale); 26, Dean Ralphson (v40, Trawden); 27, John Roche (v50, Clayton); 28, Paul Brown (Trawden); 29, Michael Toms (Clayton); 30, Steve McVey (v50, Kestrel SF); 31, Daniel Taylor (unattached); 32, Simon Kelly (Trawden); 33, Ken Taylor (v60, Rossendale); 34, Nicholas Roscoe (v40, Clayton); 35, Thomas Brewster (Clayton); 36, Mark Kelly (unattached); 37, Ian Page (v45, Wharfedale); 38, Michael Toman (v45, Rossendale); 39, Gordon Barrett (Clayton); 40, Richard Briscoe (Clayton).

41, John Wilcock (v45, Aurora Harriers); 42, Barry Mitchell (v65, Clayton); 43, David Gaskell (v45, Accrington); 44, Martin Stott (unattached); 45, Stephen Biscomb (v55, Clayton); 46, Lee Bath (v40, Trawden); 47, John Egan (v40, Bingley Harriers); 48, Derek Ives (v50, Skipton AC); 49, Paul Coverley (v45, Accrington); 50, Scott Davies (Wharfedale); 51, Peter Sagar (v50, Hyndburn AC); 52, Allan Yeomans (v45, Rossendale); 53, Stephen White (v55, Clayton); 54, Michael Cookson (Trawden); 55, Scott Grant (unattached); 56, Kieran Entwistle (unattached); 57, Peter Clarke (v55, Todmorden); 58, James Thacuray (Altrincham AC); 59, Philip Moore (v50, unattached); 60, Darren Rushton (v40, Clayton).

61, Ian Hollas (v40, Trawden); 62, Gary Balmer (v40, Clayton)’ 63, Austin Wensley (Rossendale); 64, Mick Dobson (v40, Clayton); 65, Robert Smith (v55, Trawden); 66, David Coe (Wharfedale); 67, Mat Waddington (Trawden); 68, Jeff Pickup (v55, Clayton); 69, John McDonald (v45, Trawden); 70, Andy Berry (Skipton AC); 71, Kevin Pickup (Trawden); 72, Graham Schofield (v55, Horwich RMI); 73, William Lowe (v50, FRA); 74, Andrew Hollas (v45, Accrington); 75, David Hogan (unattached); 76, Stephen Target (unattached); 77, Ken Livesey (v50, unattached); 78, Gary Moore (unattached); 79, David Smith (v40, Trawden); 80, Graham Breeze (v65, Ilkley Harriers).

81, Tom Day (unattached); 82, John Beswick (v60, Wharfedale); 83, Gavin Bloasdale (unattached); 84, Richard Treitl (v55, Clayton); 85, Steven Melling (v50, Rossendale); 86, Mark McConville (unattached); 87, Stuart Hartley (v50, Clayton); 88, Ron Chappell (v60, Clayton); 89, John Kelly (unattached); 90, Robert Hirst (v60, Clayton); 91, Doug Monroe (v65, Clayton); 92, David Roberts (v60, Preston); 93, Vinny Brodrick (v50, Clayton); 94, Peter Blackledge (v60, Accrington); 95, David Akrigg (unattached); 96, Alex Melling (unattached); 97, Neville Watson (Accrington); 98, Bill Horne (v65, unattahed); 99, Tony Targett (Clayton); 100, Kierran Mulderig (unattached); 101, Edward Reilly (unattached).

Women’s Race: 1, Tara Krzywici (v35, Accrington); 2, Nichola Jackson (Preston Harriers); 3, Jayne Butterworth (v45, Skipton AC); 4, Dianne Haggar (v45, Ilkley Harriers); 5, Lorraine Slater (v40, Clayton); 6, Nichola Wood (Clayton); 7, Fiona Hall (v35, Clayton); 8, Nic McNamara (Clayton); 9, Irene Roche (v50, Clayton); 10, Lucy Alderman (Pendle AC); 11, Fionnula Swann (v35, Trawden); 12, Angela Donlan (v35, Wharfedale); 13, Jennifer Garside (v35, Trawden); 14, Sarah Toms (Burnley AC); 15, Rachel Thackray (v35, Altrincham); 16, Jean Rawlinson (v55, Clayton); 17, Dawn Richards (v45, Clayton); 18, Donna Catlan (unattached); 19, Karen Holland (v40, unattached); 20, Kate Shaw (v35, unattached).

21, Fiona Pudge (v40, Trawden); 22, Sandra Campbell (v40, Trawden); 23, Karin Goss (v60, Clayton); 24, Jennifer Adams (v60, NVAC); 25, Sue Allan (v50, Clayton); 26, Jemma Southworth (unattached); 27, Kimberley Livesey (unattached).