Shayne Singleton pushed to the limit in pursuit of prestigious title!

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With acres of land to go at, there’s no end to the physical torture that boxing coach Karl Ince can inflict on Shayne Singleton.

But it’s the arduous graft mixed with the endeavour and the dedication that’s put the 24-year-old within touching distance of his third title belt.

Shayne Singleton training at the farm

Shayne Singleton training at the farm

On farmland in rural Preston, Singleton is subjected to various explosive strength and conditioning circuits that help to bolster his power, fitness and endurance.

In other words - with a shot at the vacant WBC Silver International welterweight title against Spaniard Jose Del Rio on the horizon - it’s helping him get fighting fit.

Away from the technical side of things, which includes sparring, bag and pad work, and shadow boxing in the gym, the one-time English supremo endures squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, press-ups, wall balls, weighted sledge pulls, tyre tipping and running, among other things. How many rounds depends on how hard Karl feels he needs to push him.

Ahead of his fight at Colne Muni on April 11th, Singleton said: “It’s constant graft all the way through but you just bring it down a week before the fight so you can sharpen up because you’ve got the fitness needed in the bank. It’s been twice a day, six days a week.

“We do lots of different circuits to strengthen lower body, legs and back. Other times we’ll do pure strength and conditioning involving the upper body. It’s definitely beneficial for when I get in to that ring because it keeps you moving during the 10 and 12 round fights. You need strong legs to keep you moving and to help steer you out of the way of any trouble.”

Singleton, who defeated British light-welterweight champion Curtis Woodhouse just over a year ago, added: “I’ve been working on fighting southpaws and doing some completely different pad work with Karl (Ince) and different sorts of sparring with the lads in the gym. We’ve brought southpaw fighters in as well that will be similar to the opponent that I’m fighting.

“I’m looking forward to it big time. Everything has gone to plan for the biggest fight of my career. My opponent has won 16 out of 21 fights with five stoppages and a southpaw but I can work those kind of fighters out.

“’ll work with Karl in the gym to suss out a game plan that will help us beat a southpaw. He’s got a good, tight defence, he’s a good mover and likes to keep the centre of the ring but we’ll come up with something to combat that.”

With hundreds of tickets already sold for the event, fans will have to be quick if they want to join the ‘Barmy Army’.

Those wanting tickets can contact Shayne on 07857 476485.