Success for Bradley

Bradley Ralph, centre
Bradley Ralph, centre
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Bradley Ralph’s commitment and hard work is more than paying off.

Bradley started training aged nine at the Kanokwai Budo Renmei martial arts Dojo in Colne

Firstly training in Judo and then moving into Jui-jitsu and karate he was soon training four times a week.

Bradley quickly moved through the grading system in all three Japanese martial arts, showing dedication and commitment.

Bradley was graded to black Belt 1 st Dan in Judo by the AJA in 2016 and later in the year he was graded to Black belt 1 st Dan in Jiu-jisu.

Bradley’s ability to retain the techniques was remarkable and he has been regularly competing in Judo at area and national level, winning many gold, silver and bronze medals. Most recently he won two gold medals at the Wirral Open Judo championships, and also in May 2017 taking first place in the European championships in Germany with his Kata Bassai-dai, and second place in the Kumite (fighting).

Also while in Germany, Bradley received his Black Belt 1 st Dan Shodan-Ho (Junior) from Hanshi Hagenbusch 8 th Dan.

Stephen Smith of the Kanokwai-Budo Renmei Dojo, based at Old Sacred Heart School, on Rigby Street, said: “We are very proud of Bradley and he is an asset to our Dojo, helping out with the junior student classes and being a great role model.

“As well as the fitness aspect, martial arts is great for building confidence and self esteem. We always welcome new students to our Dojo. We train Monday to Thursday – juniors and adults, contact Stephen 07854147297 for Judo and Karate and Nigel 07742029763 for Jiu-jitsu.”