Sue is popular winner of Birtwistle Trophy

Sue Catlow, Barry Birtwistle, Pamela O'Connor and Liz Reddy
Sue Catlow, Barry Birtwistle, Pamela O'Connor and Liz Reddy
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Sponsored by long-serving member Barry Birtwistle, ladies from Colne competed for the his late wife’s trophy.

Sue Catlow won on a card play-off from Liz Reddy with a score of -3.

The Foulds Cup has been contested over the last two weeks at Colne. The first round was won, after a card play-off, by David Chadwick (83-16-67) from Howard Procter (80-13-67) and Billy Ireland (79-12-67).

The second round was won by David Kitson (79-15-64), ahead of Stuart Pratt(81-15-66) and Ian Robinson (78-9-69).

The overall winner, courtesy of the lowest round of 66, was Pratt (70+66=136) from Procter (67+69=136), with Kitson (73+64=137) third.

l At Ghyll, the Nelson Trophy was won by Jason Wright with a 74-6-68.

Division one winner was Robert Nesbitt (70-1-69), Division two winner was Anthony Foulger (87-16-71) and Division Three winner was Daniel Inman (90-21-69).

On Saturday, the August Medal was won by Shaun Lemon with 41 points. Second was Danny Devlin with 40, and third Jack Farnhill with 39.

On Sunday, the Windle Bowl was won by Scott Clarkson (71-2-69).

Division one winner was Shaun Nutter (79-9-70), Division two winner was Neil Clapham (83-11-72) and Division three winner was Michael Edwards (89-20-69).

l The Ladies of Nelson Golf Club participated in the Foundation Brooch, won by Kirsty O’Connor (74-3-71), from Janet Kelly (89-15-74) and Stella Newton with a 91-16-75.

The nine-hole competition was won by Lynn Grandfield.