Trawden biker wins in Skipton trial

Ross Crosby
Ross Crosby
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Trawden’s Ross Crosby won the West Leeds Motor Club’s annual West Yorkshire Group NuTexa Trial, at Cawder Hall, at Skipton on Sunday.

A bright and sunny warm day greeted 39 contenders, where a 14-section, three-lap course tested all three classes.

Keeping his cool in the hot conditions, elevator engineer Crosby, a new Colin Appleyard Beta signing, kept Embsay footwear retailer and rival Aran Drachenberg at a distance to win the trial, despite a seven penalty after three laps of the hillside venue.

Experts: Ross Crosby (Appleyard Beta) 5, Aran Drachenberg (Beta) 12.

Inters: Richard Shepherd (Montesa) 45,Ben Robinson (Beta) 47, 3 Nigel Crowther (Gas Gas) 54.