School’s sporting success!

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FISHER-MORE are celebrating a string of sporting successes.

The Catholic Humanities College, based on Gibfield Road in Colne, have impressed in a variety of sports.

Pictured top left (A070411/3a) are Olivia Bythell and Olivia Purtill, who have been selected for the Lancashire Under 14 hockey squads.

Olivia Purtill is a member of the county Under 14 development squad, and Olivia Bythell has earned a place in the Under 14 team.

Both girls play for Pendle Forest thirds and the Under 15s.

Olivia Bythell is also pictured left, along with Molly Franklin (A070411/3b) having been selected for the Lancashire Netball Academy Centre of Excellence.

Molly is a member of the county Under 16 Satellite Sqwuad, and Olivia is a member of the Under 14 Satellite Squad.

Both attend fortnightly training sessions at Leyland.

Bottom left (A070411/3d) are Fisher-More Year 7 girls’ hockey team.

The team won the Pendle Schools’ seven-a-side hockey tournament at Marsden Heights last month.

The team consisted of Harley Horsfall, Megan McCardle, Jaydean Kelly, Sarah Wilton, Viven Ha, Carly Nuttall and Neve Barnes.

Pictured top right (A070411/3h) are the Year 9 netball team, who won the Pendle Schools’ league and rally.

They have now completed the double in the last three years.

The team was Mawgan Naylor, Olivia Bythell, Olivia Purtill, Courtney Alton, Sophie Mason, Roisin Rowan Young, Katie Goodwill and Izzy Hartley.

Below them are the Year 9 hockey team (A070411/3f), who won the Under 14 Girls’ Pendle seven-a-side tournament at Marsden Heights.

The team was Olivia Bythell, Izzy Hartley, Olivia Purtill, Katie Goodwill, Roisin Rowan Young, Annabel Smith, Emily Pickup and Mawgan Naylor.

Next up are the Year 8 netball team (A070411/3e), who triumphed at the Pendle Schools’ rally at West Craven, and were also league runners-up.

The team was Chloe Smith, Abbie Bowker, Anna Welch, Isobelle Foster, Chelsea Wood, Caitlin Martin, Mollie Wyld and Leah Walther.

And bottom right are the Fisher-More Year 7 boys’ hockey team (A070411/3c), who came out top at the Pendle Schools’ seven-a-side competition at Pendle Vale.

The team was Thomas Wood, Joshua Richards, Dalton Hutchinson, Eli Kaye, Louis Rakha, David Pickup, Alex Boland, Lewis Bracewell, Josh Hindle, Adam Parkinson, Luke Wells and Patrick Thornley.