3,000 visitors to Pendle Open Art Exhibition

PENDLE OPEN ARTS: Young Artist 12-16 prize winners Lauren Gardner and Lily Fontaine. Photo Ben Parsons
PENDLE OPEN ARTS: Young Artist 12-16 prize winners Lauren Gardner and Lily Fontaine. Photo Ben Parsons
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This year’s Pendle Open Art Exhibition was the busiest one yet, with more than 3,000 visitors popping into the ACE Centre over the three days.

With the added attraction of an arts and crafts fair, people came from throughout the area to see the local talent on display, with almost 200 pieces of art submitted in the various categories - Pendle in Paint, Photography - Natural and Edited, Textile/3D, Portraiture, Landscapes, Open and Young Artist.

The event, which is considered one of the biggest open arts exhibitions in the area, showcases artists of all ages and abilities, from the beginner to the professional.

It is a great chance for people to browse at the paintings and photographs on display or even buy an original piece of art – as well as vote for their favourites.

The three-day event ended on Sunday with a presentation of certificates and prizes for the winners chosen both by the judges and the general public.

Kirsty Rose, Pendle Leisure Trust’s Arts Development Manager, said: “It was the busiest exhibition ever, as we put on an arts and crafts fair to support it, which seems to have gone down very well.

“Once again, it’s a pleasure to host the exhibition and show off how creative and talented the people of Pendle are!”

As well as the exhibition and art and craft fair inside the ACE Centre, an artist Swap Shop was open every lunchtime and, as part of the Mary Portas Pilot scheme, an outdoor art and vintage market was held in Nelson town centre.

This was an extravaganza of art activities, jukeboxes and buskers, photo-booths, fashion shows and vintage hair and make-up sessions – and was a huge success.

The winners of the open art exhibition were as follows:

Photo (natural). judges: 1, Tony Mellor; 2, Gordon Heywood. Public: 1, Moira Hunt; 2, Tony Mellor; 3, Lucas Ward.

Photo (edited), judges: 1, Roger Johnstone; 2, David Lord. Public: 1, Roger Johnstone; 2, Graham Dean; 3, Moira Hunt.

Open, judges: 1, Laura Beth Johnson; 2, Edwin Thornber. Public: 1, Dorothy Turner; 2, Laura Beth Johnson; 3, Paul Graham.

Landscapes, judges: 1, Edwin Thornber; 2, Maureen Berry. Public: 1, Edwin Thornber; 2, Maureen Berry; 3, June Henderson.

Portraiture, judges: 1, Enid Dyson; 2, Richard Hinton. Public: 1, Elizabeth Morris; 2, Edwin Monk; 3, June Henderson.

Pendle in Paint, judges: 1, Malcolm Redford; 2, Janet Rushton. Public: 1, John Rickard; 2, Fiona Murgatroyd; 3, Brian Unsworth.

Textiles and 3D, judges: 1, Juliet Tomkins; 2, Susan Byrne. Public: 1, Eileen Heywood; 2, Susan Byrne; 3, Juliet Tomkins.

Young Artist, 7 and Under, judges: 1, Chloe Robertson; 2, Darci Whittaker. Public: 1, Natalie Hirst; 2, Harrison Wareing; 3, Meghan Parker.

Young Artist 8-11, judges: 1, Anna Kirkup; 2, Hannah Wareing. Public: 1, Hannah Wareing; 2, Anna Kirkup; 3, Ella Georgia Parker.

Young Artist 12-16, judges: 1, Lauren Gardner; 2, Jos Jones. Public: 1, Erica Parry; 2, Jos Jones; 3, Lily Fontaine.

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