Amazon top 25 slot for Nelson author

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AN author from Pendle enjoyed record sales of her debut novel over Christmas, securing a place in a top 25 best-seller list on leading website Amazon.

Joanne St Clair, from Nelson, saw a massive increase in ebook sales in the UK, America and Holland, placing the book, “Statue in the Square”, at number 24 in the fictional genre of metaphysical and visionary.

“It was a welcoming surprise when I saw how many books had been purchased during the Xmas week,” said the former engineering lecturer. “Many of the authors in the top 25 of this genre have sold millions of books worldwide with some of them having inspired me on my writing journey. To see my name amongst theirs gave me a lovely feeling of success!”

The charts are calculated on a weekly basis, and it is the first time that “Statue in the Square” has ever ranked this high. It is also the first time that the book has reached the Dutch market.

The book tells the story of Jane Frasier, a professional woman who has it all but finds life isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Taking another day off work, she goes to sit in her favourite spot by a bronze statue in the local market square, observing people as they walk by. When it starts to rain, Jane heads for the nearest cafe where, to her surprise, a stranger is waiting for her. The stranger unveils a powerful philosophy for living and presents Jane with seven lessons which, if applied, will completely change her life.