Barnoldswick pupils dazzle with house designs

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Barnoldswick schoolchildren wowed architects behind a new housing development in a property design competition.

Pupils at St Joseph’s RC Primary School took part in the competition launched by Cawder Construction and Twin Valley Homes who are developing the former Hope Mill site off Skipton Road in conjunction with Housing Pendle.

The five winning house designs were produced from a range of materials from card to Lego and children also put their thinking caps on to suggest a suitable name for the site.

“Brindley Mews” was proposed by the pupils, acknowledging the Chief Engineer of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal James Brindley, whose engineering feat will be adjacent to the houses. The name will be voted on at a future council meeting.

Geoffrey Lloyd-Bennett, co-owner of Cawder, said: “The children’s ideas and designs are excellent and it has been a lovely thing to do.

“The development when built will be a mix of 13 houses, 15 flats and two bungalows so 28 in total.

“The idea is to create a community rather than just a site for younger people and a site for older people.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity for this project. We’ve been building in the area for 36 years but this will be our first entirely social housing development.

“We feel like we are contributing back to the community that has provided our living down the years. Hopefully it will make it possible for young people (to buy) as it is very hard to get on the property ladder.”

Natalie Wood, Headteacher at St Joseph’s, said: “Their pieces of work were amazing. This project allowed our children to learn about architecture and build skills for the future whilst also excelling in art and design.

“They were enthusiastic and I am so proud of them all. Their parents supported the children spending quality time together.

“Having the opportunity to name the houses is really exciting.”

The £3m. scheme should be finished by next Spring. The competition winners were Jacob Taylforth (11), Bryn Irons (10), Oliwia Babiarz (8), Marlena Bujny (8) and Kasha Templar-Lloyd (7).