Barrowford Park features in new book

Author AnneMarie Callan in Barrowford Park.
Author AnneMarie Callan in Barrowford Park.

An author who has created lots of stories has come up with a new one – which features Barrowford Park and its ducks!

AnneMarie Callan is a popular writer of children’s books available online through Kindle Books. So far she has had nine availabl, but in the next year or so lots more will appear. She said: “There will be 26 books on there in one or two years!”

Barrowford Park book. (S)

Barrowford Park book. (S)

They are modern-day superhero stories for children and one of the latest is “Harvey Skellee Rescues a Sad Duck”. And that features the park in Barrowford and involves its ducks.

AnneMarie was born in Dublin, has lived in England since she was 13, but moved to Spain eight years ago.

Her partner is Ken Hurford, from Barrowford. She said: “We met in 1965 and separated in 1966, but met up again two years ago! We first met when I was on holiday in Plymouth where he was a sailor.”

They are now together again and she has therefore been to Barrowford. She said: “When I came to Barrowford and walked round the park that impressed me to write the next story about it! I loved the park – its so beautiful. It’s got everything for children and adults. It’s for the whole family. The pond has been a vital part of the story. My books are going down well with children on the web.”

And she saw children in the park feeding the ducks there. In her story, Harvey is called out to rescue a duck and doesn’t disappoint children. And she said: “In fact, his amazing rescue skill is not something any of the children expect to see, nor will they forget it!”

And she added: “Feeding ducks is, and has been, one of the most enjoyable experiences for children of all ages - even adults.”

As well as being a highly successful and popular writer, she has also had to learn to paint to provide scenes for her books. They appear with the stories on Kindle.

And she is a grandmother for four children.

Her books available on are: “Abble Skellee and The Little Lamb”, “Bobby Skellee and The Football Game”, “Carrie Skellee and The Dog Rescue”, “Danny Skellee and The Black Cat”, “Ella Skellee and The Hot Air Balloon”, “Freddie Skellee and The Sand Castle Rescue”, “Gracie Skellee and The Bubble Gun Machine”, the Barrowford version and free book “Zerro Skellee and the Magpie”.