Colne swine flu victim continues to defy the odds

Photo Neil Cross'Carol Collinson expanding her business Passion For Fashion by opening up a stall at Colne Market
Photo Neil Cross'Carol Collinson expanding her business Passion For Fashion by opening up a stall at Colne Market
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Her family was twice told she was hours from death, but now a battling Pendle swine flu survivor is continuing to defy the odds.

Carol Collinson (50), who runs Nelson store Passion 4 Fashion, contracted swine flu at the end of 2010 and her family were twice given the gut-wrenching news that she was going to die.

But now the former Walton High School student is continuing to go from strength to strength, and is enjoying sharing her popular firm with customers at Colne Market.

Named Passion 4 Fashion 2, her new branch features everything from unique clothes, to accessories, and she has also introduced make-up and perfume to her stock in the run up to Christmas.

Now, Carol has shared how her nightmare has changed her life, and how she is looking forward to the future of her business.

The former farm worker, of Knotts Lane, Colne, said: “I was taken to hospital on Christmas Eve in 2010, and my family were called in on Christmas Day and told I would be dead by the end of the day.

“After 19 days I hadn’t responded to treatment, so it was twice they were told I would be dead. But I am still here and that is a miracle in itself.

“When I went back to work it was a struggle - I was in so much pain - but this changed my whole life, and it changes how I look at everything,”

Passion 4 Fashion 2 has a clothing range from size 6 to size 32 - offering funky fashion for the younger shoppers and affordable quality clothing for plus sizes.

Carol added: “Our plus size range is really nice - Italian, good quality stuff.

“We also customise items to make them unique, which is really taking off, and we only do one of every item.

“I am hoping to work in Colne mainly until it is up and running and I have two other people helping at the other shop.”

And Ian Varley, Pendle Council’s markets manager, added: “Colne Market offers many things that you can’t find on the high street or in the supermarkets; and we are delighted that Carol wanted to add to the mix by selling her unique clothing here.

“Passion 4 Fashion 2 is already attracting a lot of interest and bringing people into the market who haven’t been here before, which is great for Carol and all the other traders.

“We wish Carol the best of luck and hope her business goes from strength to strength.”