‘Coronation Street’ actor has poems published

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YOUNG Pendle actor Thomas Pickles – who has appeared in three key TV series, has now had a success of a different kind – he’s had a book of poetry published.

It is called Tongue in Mouth and Pen in Hand and is full of entertaining, funny material, and it appears under his poet name uglyboypickles.

Thomas (20) is currently studying for an acting degree at the famous drama school Rose Bruford College in Kent. He said: “It’s brilliant – it’s everything I wanted to do.”

He was a pupil at Blacko Primary School and Primet High School, Colne, before being a student at Nelson and Colne College.

He has been on TV in “Shameless”, “Waterloo Road” and “Coronation Street”, but has still had time to write poetry. He said: “I’ve been writing for a while – since high school, and relatively recently I’ve dabbled with spoken word performance.

“I was put off poetry at school, but I did try to write it. My work is a mix between comedy and poetry.

“My girlfriend, Olivia Birchenough, had a meeting with the publishers Lulu and they seemed really keen to publish it.”

It is published by them at £13.99 and is available via their website lulu.com.

Thomas’s book was recently reviewed by Andrew Darren Elkins, who said: “At the heart of Tom’s poetry is an explosion of life, colour, comedy and sincerity.

“His natural talent as a poet comes from his honesty and ability to write down the every day events, observations and enjoyment of human life that fills the audiences’ enjoyment from its title to its end. He welcomes his readers into his world, taking them on a journey from childhood to present day.

“In the end, everyone can connect to all of his unique work; that readers will hope continues on and on.”

Thomas said: “Most of the poetry I write has been spoken first. It’s a kind of freestyle spoken word. My audiences are teenagers and young adults. I want to make poetry not something related to stuffy classrooms, with bored kids scribbling in anthologies. My stuff isn’t traditional, conventional poetry. It’s ugly!

“It’s often with a beat, set in a East Lancashire accent, using our lovely dialect. My stuff is simple, almost juvenile – talking about the world very bluntly.”