Liam lands BBC show role

Liam J. Stratton (s)
Liam J. Stratton (s)
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A Barnoldswick writer who returned home after five years working in the South African television industry has landed a role on an iconic BBC programme.

Liam J. Stratton, who worked as head writer on the South African equivalent of Emmerdale, has landed the position of script editor on Casualty.

Liam came back to the UK in the spring after his African adventure, where he also acted and produced, returning to Barlick with humurous tales of working with the original Lara Croft and being shot by Samuel L. Jackson.

Following a number of job knock backs over the summer, Liam went from desperation to delight as he faced the tough decision of choosing between Casualty and EastEnders.

Liam said: “EastEnders was my fifth interview and Casualty my sixth in the four months that I’ve been back.

“So having been seen for Emmerdale, Holby City and BBC Scotland’s River City, it can be hard to pick yourself up after each rejection.

“However, it wasn’t good, it was great and a bit mind blowing to then be faced with two huge shows to pick from!

“​I love EastEnders, always have, but there’s something about having a full hour a week, with Casualty, to tell different stories, with new faces, as well of those of the existing characters.

​“I had already learnt that I had an offer from EastEnders when I booked my interview with Casualty.

“I wanted to go regardless, if only to meet the team for future reference. During and after the interview it felt like the right fit and I’d made my mind up that if it was a yes I’d snap their hand off.”

Now having landed the position, Liam cannot wait to start and is excited for the challenge ahead.

He said: “​You basically have to be all over the show, working with the writers and story team on stories, characters as well as making sure the scripts themselves stay true to the show.

“It requires a lot of diplomacy as well as complete respect of everyone’s role and above all else the viewers.​

“​(I hope to bring) passion for telling stories that already exists in abundance there.

“But also, having worked and lived abroad, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to offer different viewpoints on existing situations.​

“​I went to South Africa because things were not happening in the UK.

“It seemed that whenever I chased the cheese I almost got it then got caught in a mousetrap.

“In South Africa I was head writer on a soap, worked on some great programming and saw my ideas come to light but it was all a means to an end.

“To come back and work in the industry here. It the biggest job because it’s the first job back on home turf.​

“I’m excited, nervous but ready beyond belief. Call me an ambulance, I’m off to Casualty!”