Nelson author’s book ‘Statue in the Square’ makes best-seller lists

Joanne St Clair
Joanne St Clair

AN author from Pendle has entered two best-seller charts with her debut book, peaking at number eight in the USA and number 17 in the UK.

Nelson-based writer Joanne St Clair released “Statue in the Square” in 2010 as an ebook, and interest in the book started increasing when it became available as a Kindle book on the Amazon bookstore in 2011.

She said: “I was really pleased when I started receiving feedback and reviews from customers who had purchased the book in digital format, but I know there are still a lot of people who prefer to read the physical copy of a book.”

In January, “Statue in the Square” was made available in paperback and sales have continually increased. This is the first time physical sales of her book have charted in its genre (the digital version recently reached number 21). It is now available worldwide, and is carried by major distributors and bookstores.

“It has always been my ambition to be a full-time writer,” said Joanne. “Many people say it is difficult but I firmly believe that if the product is good it will sell, and my book sales are purely on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations.”

With a background in aerospace engineering and education, Joanne turned to writing as a way of teaching as many people as possible how to live a fulfilling and abundant life. “Statue in the Square” is a fictional story about destiny, one that presents the reader with seven lessons that if applied, will change their lives.

Joanne said: “I was recently asked in a radio interview why I believe the book is reaching so many people, and my answer is that everybody, irrespective of where they live or what they do, all seek a fulfilling life. I present the methods in a foolproof way!”

The book is available via Amazon and other major book retailers.