Sweet success for Wycoller family business

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It has survived obstacles such as extreme weather conditions, foot and mouth restrictions, and a decline in the economy.

And in its 30th year as a family business, Wycoller Craft Centre and Tearooms is proving it is just as strong as ever.

Set up in 1983 by Eddie and Megan Donovan, the attraction will now be offering its customers a taste of nostalgia in a traditional sweet room called “Sweet Memories”.

Current owners Janet and Tony Darcy decided to convert the old art gallery for their new venture after seeing less demand for crafts.

Tony, who is the son-in-law to Megan and Eddie, said: “The business is forever evolving around its customers needs, and with demand for art work in serious decline we needed a boost ‘to keep our heads above water’.

“Janet and I have transformed the old gallery into what we think is a more attractive and hopefully more successful space.”

Eddie, Megan and their daughter Janet originally ran the craft centre as a stained glass workshop, gift shop and cafe.

They later diversified and converted the old pottery and glass area into an extension of the cafe and art gallery.

Since taking over, Janet and Tony have continued to update their business sympathetically, relying on customers who enjoy the village of Wycoller for its walks, scenery, Bronte sister links, historical past and the odd ghost here and there.

As a celebration to its loyal customers, Wycoller Tearooms will be selling their infamous pie and peas at the 1983 price of £1.50 on Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information visit www.wycollercraftcentre.co.uk or ring 868395.