The Garrick presenting thrilling crime mystery play which inspired Hitchcock classic

Pictured is Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Photo credit: Getty Images.
Pictured is Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Photo credit: Getty Images.

It’s the thrilling tale which inspired a classic by The Master of Suspense, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, one of the world’s most influential film-makers.

Now The Garrick is taking inspiration from the same source by presenting Frederick Knott’s crime mystery, Dial M for Murder.

Mark Storton is the director of this fast-paced play, which comes to The ACE Centre next month.

Knott’s post-war theatre hit was the basis for Hitchcock’s classic 1954 movie starring Hollywood superstar and Princess Consort of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

In this dark tale, former tennis pro Tony Wendice discovers his wealthy but unloved wife, who he married for her money, has been having an on-off affair with a successful television thriller writer.

Out of greed and a thirst for revenge, the fading sports star attempts to murder her.

Tony arranges the perfect assassination by hiring a crook to kill his spouse, and arranging a brilliant alibi for himself.

But his plans go awry when she survives and kills the intruder in self-defence.

Unrelenting in his greed, Tony then attempts to frame her for murder.

English playwright Knott, who descended from a line of wealthy Lancashire mill-owners, completed only three plays in his career, enjoying a second hit in 1966.

His chilling play, Wait Until Dark, became a classic when it was adapted to a Hollywood film directed by Terence Young.

September 25th-28th. Tickets: 01282 661234 (Monday to Friday). Season tickets: 07788 554939.