Food and Drink Review: Belvoir winter warmer cordials

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ALL of a sudden the weather has changed and autumn seems to be upon us. And that means it is going to get colder.

What better way to ward off those chilly nights than to enjoy a warm drink. The nice folk at Belvoir Fruit Farms have just launched two new scrummy flavours.

And my testing panel made up of three adults and two children were chomping at the bit to try. The bottles themselves are so trendy and inviting, it’s not hard to get any taste takers.

First up was the Honey, Lemon and Ginger Cordial. This proved to be popular with the adults, especially those who added it to a whisky to make a hot toddy! It was bursting with honey blossom, real lemon juice and not concentrate, mixed up with a real kick of ginger.

The children lapped up the apple, plum and cinnamon cordial, bursting with lovely apple juice, Californian prune juice and aromatic cinnamon. We opted for a dash of sparkling water to bring out the flavours, but the cordial can be added to hot water or red wine if it’s a rich, warm drink you are after. It can be used in cooking too, if you add it to fruit muffins or or baked plums

The two new flavours will sit well on the shelf next to the old favourites, spiced winter berries and mulled winter punch and apple and ginger cordial, all as delicious as they sound!

Belvoir winter warmer cordials. Prices start from £3 upwards on cordials, £2.15 upwards on 75cl presses, £1.75 upwards on 25cl presses and £1.65 upwards for Belvoir Stills. Log onto: