Food Review: Oor Wullie and The Broons Scottish Fudge

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THAT loveable rascal Oor Wullie and his family The Broons have been entertaining readers of The Sunday Post for years.

And the icon comic cuties have a cult following. Which is just as well as publishers DC Thomson in conjunction with Gardiners of Scotland confectioners have brought out some very festive tins of fudge.

They are eye catching and the fudge is delicious too, but then it should be as the Gardiner family have been producing traditional treats since 1949.

Tom and Maureen Gardiner and their children Tom and Hazel first started out making nougat wafers to complement their home-made ice-cream and by 1986 they were churning out Scottish treats such as macaroon, tablet and fudge.

They have won many accolades for their sweets and not only do they taste lovely, they keep the children quiet!

Oor Wullie and The Broons Scottish Fudge, £11.99, produced by and sold via