Music fanatic shares delight as ‘The Reverend’ performs private Colne gig

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A music fanatic has relived the surreal moment his favourite band’s frontman agreed to perform a private acoustic gig in Colne.

Anthony Denney (18), from Nelson, was given the once in a lifetime opportunity after responding to a post from the Reverend and the Makers’ Twitter account.

The tweet had told fans that they could bag themselves a visit from indie star Jon McClure if they pre-ordered the group’s new album on Pledge Music.

When the Burnley College apprentice received a reply, he was on his way to a small party in Keighley Road. In shock, he sent a picture of his album receipt to Jon and asked if the gig could happen at his friend’s bash instead.

The Tektoo Ltd computer technician, who has been listening to Reverend and the Makers since 2007, said: “I managed to get about 16 people including my Dad who’s a massive fan and was the one who introduced me to the band.

“We saw him (Jon) across the road and I was buzzing inside and was struggling to keep it in. He came across to us and shook my hand, introduced himself and I was still lost for words and so was everybody I was with.

“For me, the experience was just surreal. I’ve been struggling to find words to describe it. I had been waiting all day for news about the new album and suddenly, he is playing a private acoustic gig for me and my friends. It was just simply incredible and I cannot thank him enough for doing it as it’s something I will never forget.”

While in Colne, Jon, from Sheffield, performed a number of both original and cover songs, including “Open Your Window” and Anthony’s favourite track “Miss Brown”. He also played a couple of songs he has written and never recorded, and gave a sneak preview from the February album.

Anthony added: “When he had finished I was still buzzing, it was just an amazing and unique experience.

“I woke up the next day and was still struggling to believe that it had actually happened. When he had said he was coming, I didn’t believe him and still struggled throughout and after his performance.

“The night as a whole was one the best nights of my life and it’s just got me really excited for seeing the whole band in February and March in Preston and Manchester.

“One of the things I gained from the night was a realisation that not all musicians are all about themselves.

And Jon, who is nicknamed The Reverend, also shared his enjoyment of the night, writing on Twitter: “Well Colne! It was emotional. Thankyou.”