Music Review: Little Letters by Paper Aeroplanes

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What a beautiful album! I have to confess to not knowing much about Paper Aeroplanes.

But I am keen to learn more after listening to this wonderfully created music. The band started six years ago when Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn from a small town in West Wales teamed up. Their debut album “The Day we Ran into the Sea’’ was well received and described by one critic as “brilliantly crafted and stoked from a bruised heart’s embers.’’

And their latest album Little Letters is another fine bit of music. Howell’s distinctive voice has power and is as sweet as a nut . My favourite song is “Silence the Bells’’ and this and other greatly named titles as “Singing to Elvis’’ and “Multiple Love’’ make it a great one to chill out to.

Little Letters by Paper Aeroplanes, released by Navigator Records,