The Subliminals - Burnley’s latest punk stars

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IF a peaceful and relaxing night of acoustic musicianship is right down your street then stop reading now!

Punk heavy hitters The Subliminals are a band not for the faint hearted, a band who’ve never heard the word “quiet” and a band who will certainly have you up on your feet (possibly on a table) by the end of the night.

The full on four-piece are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting live cover bands around bringing venues to life with rousing renditions from the likes of Oasis, Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Jam.

And just one year after forming, bassist and vocalist Steve Dixon is now hoping to step up their high octane live experience even further.

“We actually only started gigging in September having spent six months rehearsing songs and making our set as long as possible. We’re now going to be looking at adding new tunes to the set. We’re trying to make it so that it’s not too narrow. We have the punk songs for a lot of the older crowd and the other stuff for everyone else that comes to our gigs. Basically we’re trying to be a jukebox so that whoever comes to see us will leave having heard something that they like.

“We want to try and get people up and having fun. We’re literally just wanting to be a good time Burnley rock band who can generate some energy.”

The rest of the band is made up of Ryan Meachin (drums/vocals), Simmy (guitar/vocals) and Stigers (guitar) who all bring with them a wealth of experience in terms of the local music scene.

“Me and Ryan were actually in a band together called The Fix. After the band broke up I was put in touch with Simmy, who used to be in local band Pretend Girlfriend. Stigers used to fill on guitar for Pretend Girlfriend so we all got other and it came together really quickly.

“We’ve all played in punk bands before and it was something that we all wanted to do really. We wanted to do something that was a bit more intense music wise but something that on stage we could have fun with as well.”

The Subliminals are playing The Venue in Colne on Friday followed by gigs at The Talbot on Friday, January 21st; George IV Hotel on Saturday, January 29th; The Commercial, Harle Syke, on Friday, February 11th.

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