Nelson mosques unite to help food bank

Food donated by mosques (S)
Food donated by mosques (S)
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SIX major mosques in Nelson have joined forces in an effort to assist crisis-hit families who are struggling to feed their children.

Through the Feeding Pendle and Beyond project, the mosques have each allocated specific deposit days when non-perishable foodstuffs can be brought to the premises.

In addition, four public deposit points have also been assigned at various addresses in the local area.

The food is then gathered together by volunteers from Inspiring Grace, a local, non-profit, positive community action group, and transported en masse to already established food banks at St Philip’s Church, Christ Church and the Salvation Army.

The mosques involved in the project are Ghausia Mosque, Minhaj ul-Qur’an Mosque, Muhammadi Mosque, al-Hira Mosque, Talim ul-Qur’an Mosque and Madina Mosque.

Mr Tahir Anwar said: “When we at Inspiring Grace were made aware of the scope of the problem, we did not hesitate to lend a hand. This issue supercedes all divisions and prejudices. Our aim is simply to serve others by supporting the established causes, and reaching out in compassion and generosity to those in need.”

The first food-drop of the project took place recently with over 1,400 food items that were generously donated by local people.

Mr Anwar said: “The Feeding Pendle and Beyond project has had an amazing response from the public. But we must keep in mind that this problem is not something that is going to disappear in the space of a fortnight, and we encourage everyone to continue giving generously.”

The designated public deposit points are: 9 Lomeshaye Road, Nelson BB9 7AS, 36 Cravendale Avenue, Nelson BB9 8SJ, 14 Langholme Street, Nelson BB9 0RW and 24 Reedley Road, Reedley BB10 1ED.

A food parcel should contain non-perishable food that meets nutritional requirements. For example milk (UHT or powdered), rice pudding (tinned) , tea bags/instant coffee, soup, fruit juice (carton), instant mash potato, rice, pasta, tinned fish, jam, tinned fruit and cereals.