Comedies unravel royal myths

Actor Dean Taylor, who's bringing Dickie's Meadow to The Little Theatre, Colne. (s)
Actor Dean Taylor, who's bringing Dickie's Meadow to The Little Theatre, Colne. (s)
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King Richard III spun through the land atop of a burning chariot of cruelty - that is, if we are to believe the words of William Shakespeare.

Actor Dean Taylor, however, is among those who do not, having explored historical records depicting Richard of Gloucester as a just and beloved ruler.

In a one-man production, devised in collaboration with writer Dennis Crompton, Dean will untangle fact from 400 year-old fiction in cabaret-style.

As he said: “In Leicester they dug up the body. Dennis’ work unearths the facts.”

In Dickie’s Meadow (The True History of Richard III), which will be shown in Colne at the beginning of next month, producer and director Dean will drench the stage in comedy, conjuring the spirit of the king and offering his side of the story.

Closing Colne Dramatic Society’s 2016-17 season, he will then return to town at the end of June to twist another of Shakespeare’s plays and shed new light on one of his darkest characters.

Irony will again flood the stage when one-man play, Macbeth Speaks, written by John Cargill Thompson and adapted by Dean, returns to Colne.

Cut by Shakespeare as a figure of tragedy, anti-hero Macbeth will be transformed into a comical character, rising from the dead in the present-day to set the record straight.

As actor Alan Hargreaves, of Colne Dramatic Society, said: “Dean’s aim [is] to right some of the wrongs heaped on two British kings by William Shakespeare. Both performances, amusing and thought-provoking, will be of interest to both lovers of history and theatre.”

The two shows will be presented at The Little Theatre, River Street, Colne, starting at 7-30pm.

Dickie’s Meadow will run on Friday, June 2nd, while Macbeth Speaks is on Friday, June 30th.

Limited tickets, costing £8 for each performance, are available by telephone on 01772 466256.