Garrick perform ‘An Inspector Calls’ at ACE Centre, Nelson

Paper on an isolated cork notice board.
Paper on an isolated cork notice board.

THE Garrick’s next production at the Ace Centre, Nelson, is the classic mystery drama “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestley.

The play is one of Priestley’s best-known works and one of the classics of mid-20th Century English theatre.

Written and first performed in 1945, it became more widely known in 1954 when it was made into a film starring Alastair Sim as the Inspector. In 1992 its enduring qualities were demonstrated by Stephen Daldry’s acclaimed revival for the National Theatre in the West End, which has been regularly performed world-wide since. The National Theatre’s 2009-10 production still had rave reviews.

At the beginning of the play, Arthur Birling, a wealthy mill owner and local politician, is celebrating the engagement of his daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft, son of Sir George Croft of Croft’s Ltd, a competitor of Birling’s company.

The party is interrupted by the arrival of Inspector Goole, who explains he must speak to the family concerning the death of a young woman at the local infirmary earlier that day.

How each member of the Birling family and Gerald are involved in this tragic event is the focal point of this absorbing and shocking story.

This classic and absorbing piece of theatre, co-directed by Clifford Spencer and Alan Hargreaves, is the fourth of The Garrick’s popular first season at its new venue, the Ace Centre.

“An Inspector Calls” will be presented at the Ace Centre, Cross Street, Nelson, from Wednesday, March 23rd, to Saturday, March 26th, at 7-30 p.m.

Tickets are £8.50 each, or £6 for students and under 16s, and are available from the Box Office on (01282) 661080.