Kids Review: Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play

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MY children Ruaridh and Flora model themselves on Charlie and Lola. Ruaridh is kind and patient and Flora a bit of a menace!

So they were anxious to see Charlie and Lola’s play which is on a nationwide tour. We watched the show at Motherwell Concert Hall and had some real fun.

The play has been adapted by Jonathan Lloyd on characters created by Lauren Child and is well done by Watershed Productions.

The duo are brought to life with puppets and tell the story of how Charlie tries to get Lola to sleep, even though she is determined not to go to bed.

Its not easy as the tigers want their bedtime milk and the dancing dogs have borrowed Lola’s pyjamas. And the worst thing is, Lola thinks there is an ogre hiding in the wardrobe.

The show is full of colour and the puppets are well trained by their puppeteers. The best thing of the show for my two and most of the young audience was the wonderful bubbles which floated around the theatre and the magic lights which lit it up. So impressed were my two, that when they went to bed, Ruaridh called me up to say Flora would not go to sleep, cue tigers, dogs and an ogre called Mum!

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