Little Voice at Bolton's Albert Halls giving musical fans plenty to shout about

Katie Elin-Salt at Little Voice. Photo credit: Richard Davenport. (s)
Katie Elin-Salt at Little Voice. Photo credit: Richard Davenport. (s)

The girl known as Little Voice is earmarked for stardom - but maybe she doesn’t want stardom… and that’s something that all around her don’t want to hear.

They want to hear her singing so she comes under pressure from her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and a talent scout. All of them share the same vision but they would have been wise to heed the maxim “be careful what you wish for.”

I’m not going to spoil it for you by going too deep into the story but suffice to say that this production has a bit of everything. The only criticism I would level against it is that maybe it has a little too much but this not to deny that it is a great night’s entertainment with a combination of humour, pathos, music and charm.

All the cast come out of it with great credit, none more so than Sally George who plays the mother Mari. Hers is an absolute gem of a performance. And that’s not taking anything away from Katie Elin-Salt (Little Voice), Mark Moraghan (Ray), Ted Robbins (Mr Boo/phone man), Akshay Gulati (Billy) and Sue Vincent (Sadie). All play their parts admirably, making it a team effort of the highest quality and one you would be wise to witness.

The booking office telephone number is 01204-520661 and the run comes to an end on February 2nd.