Review: Dance ‘Til Dawn (Manchester Opera House)

DANCE 'TIL DAWN: Strictly Come Dancing's Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace (S)
DANCE 'TIL DAWN: Strictly Come Dancing's Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace (S)
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Just when you thought they could do no better, Strictly Come Dancing professionals Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace manage to produce their most dazzling and spectacular show to date.

Dance ‘Til Dawn is a flawless piece of pure escapism that whisks you back to the golden age of Hollywood full of glamour, perfection and sass.

The story follows up-and-coming actor Tony Deluca (Simone) as he falls in love with the huge star that is Sadie Strauss (Cacace). Embroiled in a story of murder and seduction, the pair manage to unveil the manipulative Lana Clemenza (Abbie Osmon) - with plenty of entertainment along the way.

Somehow the production even manages to trump the spectacle that was Midnight Tango - providing a diverse selection of routines, music and storytelling. The leading duo are truly magical together, and have the charisma, energy and quality that only acts such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly had before them.

Their show is fast, well-rehearsed, comedic, and so jam-packed with impressive lifts and overall choreography that you almost want to see it twice to do it justice. Their use of props and scenery, especially in the jail scene, are also truly staggering.

It would be very easy for Simone and Cacace to use their fame to do a typical variety show act. The type of production with the black backdrop covered in bright lights, featuring star guests. And yes, it would be good.

But what makes this show surpass all expectations is the way that the duo embrace characterisation, integrate with a talented and slick ensemble and put on a piece of theatre that you will still remember in years to come.

From the lighting, to the costumes, to the scenery, it is no wonder that this production earned itself a standing ovation on its opening night at Manchester Opera House. Strictly sensational!