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HERE are the nominees for the Leader Times Stage Awards - sponsored by Howard Rigg - and other awards.

The winners will be announced at the glittering awards evening which takes place on Saturday night at the Pendle Hippodrome Theatre in New Market Street, Colne.

The evening also includes samples of some of the best productions on Pendle’s amateur stage - dramas, musicals and pantomimes.

It’s a great night out, with the exciting awards ceremony at the end of the event.

The evening starts at 7-30 p.m. It will be hosted by Richard Sanderson, whose humour went down really well at last year’s awards.

And presenting the trophies will be the chief executive of the National Operatic and Dramatic Society, Tony Gibbs.

The event was a big success last year, helped by additional financial support from Pendle businessman Mr Howard Rigg.

Taking part will be Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company, Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre, Colne Dramatic Society, Pendle Borderline Theatre Company, St James Players, St John Southworth Youth Theatre and The Garrick.

Profits from the evening go to charity. You can book seats in advance. Tickets are £6, and you can book online at

The ticket office at the Hippodrome will be open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

You can call in and book your tickets or ring 863210 during those hours. Alternatively, ring 699779, but at evenings and weekends only.

Or you can call at the Leader Times Office at 37 Scotland Road, Nelson, during working hours to buy tickets.

The nominees for the Leader Times Stage Awards 2011. Directors of the nominated productions are in brackets.

Best Musical

“The Likes of Us” (Andrea Jackson), Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre.

“The Producers” (Steve Royle), Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company.

“Bugsy Malone” (Janet Philbrook), Stage Door Youth Theatre.

“Copacabana” (Angela Boult), Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company.

Best Drama and Kenneth Hickey Trophy

“The Importance of Being Earnest” (Helen Christie), Pendle Borderline Theatre Company.

“The Sunshine Boys” (John Cummings), Colne Dramatic Society.

“Fawlty Towers” (Steve Grist), Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company.

“An Inspector Calls” (Clifford Spencer), The Garrick.

“Murdered ... to Death” (Darren Williams), St James Players.

Best Pantomime

“Dick Whittington” (Joe Brown), St John Southworth Youth Theatre.

Best Actor (Musical)

Sam Crabtree as Tony Forte, “Copacabana”, PHTC.

Blue Blezard as Bugsy, “Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT.

Howard Raw as Max, “The Producers”, PHTC.

Chris Sunderland as Dr Barnardo, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Rob Hartley as Leo, “The Producers”, PHTC.

Best Actress (Musical)

Sophie Lord as Lola, “Copacabana”, PHTC.

Rachael Cox as Blousey Brown, “Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT.

Evie Rapson as Syrie, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Penelope Hatfield as Ulla, “The Producers”, PHTC

Best Actor (Drama)

David Riley as Insp. Pratt, “Murdered ... to Death”, St James.

Richard Sanderson as Basil, “Fawlty Towers”, PHTC.

Alan Hargreaves as Insp. Goole, “An Inspector Calls”, The Garrick.

Rob Hartley as Jack, “Charley’s Aunt”, The Garrick.

Simon Robinson as Algernon, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, Borderline.

Best Actress (Drama)

Marina Butterworth as Sybil, “Fawlty Towers”, PHTC.

Michelle Shelton as Alice, “The Right Thing”, Borderline.

Jessica Cummings as Controller, “Victoria Station”, Colne DS.

Lynne Atkinson as Jean, “Funny Money”, Garrick.

Susan Dinsdale as Shelley, “Ladies’ Day”, Colne DS.

Best Pantomime Performer

Tricia Kane as Alice, “Dick Whittington”, St John Southworth.

Daniel Mason as Dick, “Dick Whittington”, St John Southworth.

Rob Hartley as King Rat, “Dick Whittington”, St John Southworth.

Laura Schofield as Queen Rat, “Dick Whittington”, St John Southworth.

Best young performer

Chris Sunderland as Dr Barnardo, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Laura Schofield as Queen Rat, “Dick Whittington”, St John Southworth.

Evie Rapson as Syrie, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Rob Hartley as Leo, “The Producers”, PHTC.

Blue Blezard as Bugsy, “Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT.

Nominees for other awards

Ray Eden Trophy (Best

supporting actor, musical)

Sam Crabtree as Franz Liebkind, “The Producers”, PHTC.

Ryan Hodgeon as Fat Sam, “Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT.

James Cockerill as Roger de Bris, “The Producers”, PHTC.

Chris Goff as the Prime Minister, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Pete Dinsdale as Rico, “Copacabana”, PHTC.

Maureen Hopkins Trophy (Best supporting actress, musical)

Laura Schofield as Rose, “The Likes of Us”, PHYT.

Frances Broadleday as Tallulah, “Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT.

Liz Wellock as Conchita, “Copacabana”, PHTC.

Lily Fontaine as Fizzy, “Bugsy Malone”.

Fiona Thompson as Gladys, “Copacabana”.

Brian Wellock Trophy

“Copacabana”, PHTC (music).

“Bugsy Malone”, Stage Door YT (film footage).

“Fawlty Towers”, PHTC (stage set).

“Charley’s Aunt”, The Garrick (costumes).

“The Right Thing”, Borderline (script by John Turley).

“An Inspector Calls”, The Garrick (stage set).

Thomas Todhunter Comedy Award

Rob Hartley, Kevin Kay and James Bateman, “Charley’s Aunt”, The Garrick.

Cast of “Fawlty Towers”, PHTC.

Patricia Kane, scriptwriter for “Playground/Pub/Patio”, Them Four.

Cast of “Murdered ... to Death”, St James Players.

Alan Bailey and Peter Allen, “The Sunshine Boys”, Colne DS.

Cast of “Habeas Corpus”, The Garrick.