Young Pendle writer’s plays premiere in Colne

Them Four theatre company rehearse for their production of "Playground/Pub/Patio" at the Little Theatre in Colne.'Photo Ben Parsons
Them Four theatre company rehearse for their production of "Playground/Pub/Patio" at the Little Theatre in Colne.'Photo Ben Parsons

SKILLED young actress Patricia Kane has proved she has more to her ability than playing parts – three short plays she has written proved a big success when they had their premiere.

The Them Four Theatre Company presented Playground/Pub/Patio at the Little Theatre in Colne, and it went down a storm with the opening audience – they were laughing like mad!

Patricia (19) has written and directed the three pieces, and also starred in them, along with three other young actors – Rob Hartley, Cathryn Osborne and Tom Lodge.

All three are about relationships, with the cast going from tot to teen to aging adult as the plays change.

The first is Playground and set in the schoolyard. They are brilliant at playing junior school pupils, and there is plenty to laugh at. The play is about children’s thoughts and learning.

Rob plays toilet supervisor George, Cathryn is noisy Anne, Tom is aspiring Jack, and Patricia is confident Anna.

Then it’s Pub – and it is about meeting the right person. The cast do seem much more mature.

This time, there is a lot of excellent non-conversational humour. Tom, as saddened Kev, never really speaks in the whole piece. Rob plays Matthew and can be aggressive but loving, and has great facial character.

Cathryn is Letty, who manages to stop Matt telling her he loves her, even thought she wants him to! Her face is pretty expressive, too. And Patricia as Em is very much more grown up – you don’t see her as a tot any more.

Then it’s Patio and the cast goes up in years – they are in their 50s and convince the audience of that. They talk like middle-agers.

It’s all about improving the patio – and relationships.

There is brew mania, which makes it pretty tea-mendous. Tom’s not silent this time – he talks constantly and is obviously near grandad age.

Patricia is Louisa, who seems to have thoughts about Rob’s character Ed, who is carrying out the patio work.

And Cathryn plays Rach, a neighbour. She’s a real personality and all four create lots of comedy.

Patricia’s scripts are great, and she had also directed it with real quality.

She has a big future – after all, she has been a success locally with Pendle Hippodrome and St John Southworth youth theatres, appeared with the National Youth Theatre for the past two years, and in September will study singing at the London College of Music.