PHOTOS: Barley Village Hall model exhibition is a record-breaker

Jennifer Wilkinson (11) racing model cars at the exhibition at Barley Village Hall.
Jennifer Wilkinson (11) racing model cars at the exhibition at Barley Village Hall.

On its 20th birthday, the Annual Model Exhibition at Barley Village Hall has had a record number of visitors this year.

As usual, there was a whole range of different models. Each year there are lots of samples. It includes cars, trains, boats and planes, of course. But there is also a variety of interests including buses, industrial machinery and, of course, dolls houses which women tend to love seeing.

The model exhibition at Barley Village Hall.

The model exhibition at Barley Village Hall.

And every year it is a great success in terms of food and refreshments as well as models. It has been organised for 20 years by David Weatherill and Chris Widdas. They get lots of people to display their models. Many displayers have been there for years.

After the 20th event which took place at the Bank Holiday weekend, Mr Weatherill said: “I would say it is a record number of people who attended, particularly on Monday.

“We have got a number of new exhibitors and visitors – both visitors and exhibitors have come from further away now. One new group exhibiting is the East Lancashire Miniaturists, which provides dolls houses, etc.”

There are lots of modelling samples on show each time. They include old ships, modern boats, huge lorries, lots of buses including local ones, working machinery, flying aircraft models, railway scenes and a Scalextric race course which lots of people drive round rapidly. And the dolls houses are also well loved by visitors.

There are some trade stalls where people can pick up models they want – either new or second hand. And people take the chance to enjoy either full meals or refreshments in the hall. Mr Weatherill said food was effective, too.

But he added that the cafe on the village’s picnic area car park was also a success at the weekend. He said: “The cafe had a record day on Monday after five years or so!”

And he added: “We are certainly planning to have another exhibition in the Village Hall next year – it’s our 21st next year! We hope to get support again from both the exhibitors and visitors.”

The three-day event brings lots of people in to Barley on the Bank Holiday. If you are into modelling and would like to take part next year by displaying your high quality models, contact either David Weatherill (613280) or Chris Widdas (691850). People love to see new items when they go there.